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JRC 6500B Watercannon


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Upon Request



jrc 6500b watercannon



From new manufacture


1. General

is a non lethal, highly effective, proven riot control system

1.2 The vehicle provides protection for critical buildings such as Embassies, Police Headquarters, Government installations and Defense facilities. It's rapid response to arson and firebomb attempts make it an effective fire fighting vehicle as well as a superb riot control vehicle. It's ability to rapidly disorientate and disperse crowds is extremely effective.

1.3 The water cannon is powered by highpressure fire pump, which is, can easily be operated in the cab. The roof water cannons are capable of a 340 degrees horizontal swing and +80 & 40 degrees vertical tilting by electrical motors, shooting a powerful jet of water maximum 60 meter. The bumper cannon are capable of a 170 degrees horizontal swing by electrical motor, shooting a powerful jet of water maximum 40 meter.

1.4 Two peoples protected by the cabin can totally operate the system without any assistant. The reserve tank is easily accessible and can rapidly be refilled.

2. Feature

2.1 High pressure water pump powered by the auxiliary engine system delivers highpressure distribution 2,650litres/min at 8.5bar and 1,200liters/min at 14bar.

2.2 2 roof cannons, 2 side cannons, one rear cannon, one front cannon, 10(6 roof, 4 under truck) selfprotection nozzles.

2.3 Highpressure water dispensing water cannons capable of multidirectional movement with joystick remote control.

2.4 6,500ℓ main water tank is capable of quick and easy water filling system and bottom drain.

2.5 Multifunctional highpressure water can be use for riot control, cleaning, fire fighting and water supply for civilian.

2.6 Control panels with full instrumentation can check engine conditions and can control auxiliary engine, all cannons, valves.

2.7 Spacious storage compartment with a universal locking system.

2.8 High powered halogen searchlight in roof cannon box.

2.9 Highpressure chemical and dye dispensing roof cannons with adjustable spray stream features and remote joystick control.

2.10 Chemical (foam, tear gas) and dye (pigment) proportioning system.


3. General Description

3.1 The vehicle is equipped with two roof cannons, two side cannon, one front cannon, one rear cannon, six roof protection nozzles and 4 undertruck nozzles.

3.2 The roof cannons can admix pigment (coloring agent) or tear gas proportionally in the shooting water.

3.3 Fire Fighting Foam can be mixed proportionally through the installed line inductors into the shooting water of Bumper cannon or selfprotection nozzles.

3.4 Dimension of the complete unit without option

3.4.1 Wheel base : 4,650 mm

3.4.2 Overall length : 8,275 mm - Width : 2,650 mm - Height : 3,460 mm

3.4.3 Min. ground clearance : 260mm

3.5 Weight of the complete unit without option

3.5.1 Curb weight : 12.175 kg

3.5.2 Crew : 325 kg (65x5 persons)

3.5.3 Payload : 7,100kg

3.5.4 G.V.W : 19,600 kg

3.6 Painting

3.6.1 Under Coating : Epoxy Prime

3.6.2 Top Coating : Poly Urethane (Stone Gray) antiflame

4. Chassis

4.1 Manufacturer : TBA

4.2 Drive system : LHD, 4Χ2

4.3 Engine

4.3.1 Type: Turbo intercooler, 4 strokecycle, watercooled, directinjection

4.3.2 Displacement : 11,051 cc

4.3.3 Max. power : 320ps/ 2,100 rpm

4.3.4 Max. torque : 135k.m / 1,260 rpm

4.4 Dimension

4.4.1 Wheel base : 4,650mm

4.4.2 Overall dimension : Length 8,170mmΧWidth 2,490mmΧHeight 3,080mm

4.4.3 Wheel tread : front 2,050mm, rear 1,855mm

4.4.4 Min. Ground Clearance : 260mm

4.5 Performance

4.5.1 Max. speed : 99km/h

4.5.2 Max. Gradeability : 0.278

4.5.3 Min, Turning Radius : 8.5m

4.6 Clutch: Hydraulic control with air pressure assistance, Coil spring, Single dry plate, PreDamper

4.7 Transmission :

4.7.1 Model : T10S6

4.7.2 Type : 6 forward and 1 reverse speed, 2nd to 5th synchromesh, 1st & reverse constant –mesh gears

4.7.3 Gear shift : Floor change, Mechanical remote control

4.8 Front axle : Capacity 6,500 kg, Reverse Elliot type “I” beam

4.9 Rear axle : Capacity 11,500 kg, Full floating type

4.10 Tire : 12.00R22.516PR( Single front, Dual Rear) Runflat tire

4.11 Frame : “H” type frame with channel sectional side rail & cross members, side rail is reinforced with outer stiffeners

4.12 Steering : 2spoke, Ballnut type, Tilt & Telescopic steering column

4.13 Front & rear suspension : Semielliptic, laminated leaf springs with shakle link/Multi leaf spring

4.14 Brake

4.14.1 Service brake : Full air brake, Dual circuit

4.14.2 Parking brake : Internal expanding type on propeller shaft at the rear of transmission assy

4.14.3 Auxiliary brake: Exhaust brake of air operated, butterfly valve type

4.15 Fuel tank: 200 steel tank with key lock

4.16 Electrical system

4.16.1 Battery: 12V x 2 – 150Ah

4.16.2 Alternator: 24V – 60A

4.16.3 Starter: 24V – 6.0kW

4.17 Wiper: Dual electric three speed wipers & washer

5. CAB

5.1 Type: Double Cab

5.2 Cab Body: Side, front panels 3mm armored plate and roof, rear panels 0.6~1.0mm steel nonarmored plate.

5.3 Crew Capacity: 5 seats(one driver + 1 commander + 3 people crew)

5.4 Window Protection: Front, Side Glass Bullet Proof 26mm Glass and removable safeguard made of roll bar, angle and meshed wire. The armor gives ballistic resistant protective material standard NIJ0108.01 Level IIIA(UL 752 Level 3).

5.5 Equipped with 2 man holes on the top of cabin.

5.6 Equipped with contain foods box for crew in cab.

5.7 Armored glass : front and side glass armored glass

5.8 CCTV system:

5.8.1 Camera: optical 16x( Digital 160x) zoom camera

5.8.2 Pan Tilt: Pan 270o / Tilt +17~27o with Remote Controller

5.8.3 Monitor: 7” Wide TFT LCD color TV monitor

5.8.4 DVR System: StandAlone 4ch, Storage with 500MB HDD & CRRW, Backup(960hours recording)

5.9 Rear & Cannon View: DSP Color Camera, 7” Wide TFT LCD color TV monitor.

5.10 P.A system: Mixer amplifier with electric 3ton siren & microphone With Warning Light Control

5.10 Control Panel: Control of Pump engine, Water Cannon, Protection nozzle, Bumper blade, Chemical of mixing splay etc.

5.11 Air Conditioning: Equipped with dual Condenser closed loop cooling system

6. Water Tank

6.1 Capacity: 6,500ℓ

6.2 Material: Stainless steel (STS 304), 4.0mm thickness

6.3 Welding Process: Argon Gas welding

6.4 Suspension: Torsion free mounted on rubber & steel elements

6.5 Manhole: 500 mm diameter

6.6 Baffle plates: STS304 steel plate

6.7 Overflow pipe: Inside the water tank with 21/2” pipe.

6.8 Tank level indicator: Electrical & Optical Fluid meter

6.9 Hydrant filling connection: Ball valve 21/2” with hydrant connector

6.10 Tank suction connection: Butterfly valve with 4”

6.11 Water draft connection: Butterfly valve with 3” Quick connector

6.12 Water drain valve: Ball valve with 2”


7 Centrifugal Pump Specification

7.1 Type: 2 stage balance

turbine pump

7.2 Performance: 2,650ℓ/min at 8.5 kg/

1,200ℓ/min at 14 kg/

7.3 Material: Light alloy, bronze or

aluminum, stainless steel

7.4 Rotating direction: clockwise

7.5 Impellers: 2

7.6 Selfpriming

pump System

7.6.1 Type: 4Impellers

eccentric rotary vacuum pump

7.6.2 Type of drive: Gear box

7.6.3 Control: Automatic Electrical control

7.6.4 Voltage: 24V

7.6.5 Deep suction height : 9m


8 Pump (aux) Engine

8.1 Type: 4 cycle turbo charged water cooled diesel engine

8.2 Cylinders: Inline 4 cylinders

8.3 Rated output: 125 ps / 2,600 rpm

8.4 Rotating direction: Counter clockwise viewed from flywheel

8.5 Voltage consumers: 24 volt

8.6 Battery & fuel supply: Together with drive engine


9. CANNON System

9.1 Roof CANNON(RH) LP21/2”

9.1.1 Performance: 2,000L/min at 7 bar

9.1.2 Throwing range Max. 60m

9.1.3 Slewing range: Rotation: 340o, Vertical: 50o to +80o

9.1.4 Location: On top of the cab

9.1.5 Control: Electrically controlled by joystick from Main Control Panel.

9.2 Roof CANNON(LH) LP11/ 2”

9.2.1 Performance: 1,300L/min at 7bar



9.2.2 Throwing range: Max. 50m

9.2.3 Slewing range: Rotation: 180o , Vertical : 30 o to +50

9.2.4 Control: Electrically controlled by joystick from codriver side.

9.3 Bumper cannon

9.3.1 Performance: 1,000/min at 7 bar

9.3.2 Throwing range: Max. 40m

9.3.3 Slewing range: Rotation: 180o Vertical: 30o to +50o

9.3.4 Location: On top of the Blade

9.3.5 Control: Electrically controlled by joystick from codriver side.

9.4 Lateral cannons

9.4.1 Performance: 400/min at 7 bar

9.4.2 Throwing range: Max. 25m

9.4.3 Slewing range: Rotation: 45o

9.4.4 No. of Cannons: 2

9.4.5 Location: LH/RH side below engine room

9.4.6 Control: Electrically controlled from Main Control Panel

9.5 Rear cannon

9.5.1 Performance: 400/min at 7 bar

9.5.2 Throwing range: Max. 25m

9.5.3 Slewing range: Rotation: 45o

9.5.4 Location: rear side below tool box

9.5.5 Control: Electrically controlled from Main Control Panel



10 Protection Nozzles

10.1 Undertruck nozzles

10.1.1 Type: SLSP1F

10.1.2 No. of nozzles: 4

10.1.3 Performance: 60/min at 7bar

10.1.4 Material: Brass

10.2 Roof protection nozzles

10.2.1 Type: SLSP1F

10.2.2 No. of nozzles: 6

10.2.3 Performance: 60/min at 7bar

10.2.4 Material: Brass


11 2Way Moving Bumper Blade

11. 1 Type: Bulldozer

11.2 Material: High tensile steel plate & angle

11.3 Operation: HydroElectrically operate in cab

12 Foam Tank

12.1 Capacity: 150

12.2 Material: Stainless steel (STS316), 3.0mm thickness

12.3 Location: Integrated in the water tank

12.4 Foam filling: Via foam tank filling cap

12.5 Foam drain valve: Ball valve with 1”

12.6 Tank level indicator: Electrical & Optical Fluid meter

13 Tear Gas Tank

13.1 Tank Capacity: 150

13.2 Material: Stainless steel (STS304), 3.0mm thickness

13.3 Location: Integrated in the water tank

13.4 Foam filling: Via teargas tank filling cap

13.5 Foam drain valve: Ball valve with 1”

13.6 Tank level indicator: Electrical & Optical Fluid meter

14 Pigment Tank

14.1 Tank Capacity: 150

14.2 Material: Stainless steel (STS304), 3.0mm thickness

14.3 Location: Integrated in the water tank

14.4 Foam filling: Via pigment tank filling cap

14.5 Foam drain valve: Ball valve with 1”

14.6 Tank level indicator: Electrical & Optical Fluid meter

15 Foam Proportioning System

15.1 Material: NiCr

15.2 Performance: 410 ~ 1,050 /min at 7bar

15.3 Proportioning ratio: 3%, 6%

16 Tear Gas / Pigment Proportioning System

16.1 Material: NiCr

16.2 Performance: 410 ~ 1,050 /min at 7bar

16.3 Proportioning ratio: 3%, 6%

17 Others Equipments

17.1 Automatic Front Safety Net by Air Cylinder operate from the driver’s cab


17.2 Search light on roof cannon

17.3 Strobe type warning light

17.4 Hose Reel

18. Standard Supplies

18.1 Suction Hose: 4 unit (3”, 2.5m)

18.2 Suction strainer: 1 unit (3”)

18.3 Fire Hose: Each 2 unit (21/ 2” & 11/ 2”)

18.4 Fire Nozzle: Each 1 unit (21/ 2” & 11/ 2”)

18.5 Cannon Nozzle: 3 unit

18.6 Grand packing : 1 set

18.7 Aux. Engine Filter: 1 set (Oil, Fuel, Air Cleaner Element)

18.8 Spare Tire: 1 set

18.9 Hydraulic Jack: 1 unit

18.10 Standard Tool Set: 1 set

18.11 Maintenance Working Dress: 1 suit

The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice .




Specification and photos are not contractual and are subject to verification upon inspection








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