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16m Coastal Patrol Boat


Upon Request





16m coastal patrol boat


From New Manufacture



KND 16M Fast Patrol

LOA 16m
Beam 4.5m
Max Draft 1.37m
Hull Draft 0.78m
Gross Displacement 29.24 tonnes
Hull weight excl. propulsion 6.120 kg
Fuel capacity 5000 litres
Max speed 40 knots
Dead rise amidships 18°
Dead rise transom 18°
Hull bottom thickness 8.0mm
Hull side thickness 4.5mm
Deck thickness 4.5mm
Frame spacing <500mm
Stringer spacing <250mm
Engines 2 xMAN D2842 LE413
  1000hp @ 2100 RPM Diesel
Fuel filters FH1000 RACOR filters with water traps
Throttle and Gear controls (Kobelt) Mighty Mariner Engine Controls 24vdc
Gearboxes TWIN DISC MG5145SC
Propshafts Teignbridge 60mm S/S
Propellers Teignbridge four blades / 32 Inches
Steering System 230VAC Power assisted
  hydraulic steering system
Electrical general  
electrical systems 24v DC and 220v AC & 24v DC Normal & Emergency Supply
Electrical installation 230vac Single Phase/50Hz./ & 24vdc Normal & Emergency Battery System
Battery system Main Engine Starting
  2x1 engine 200 A/H x 24Volts Gel Battery-Port engine
  2x1 engine 200 A/H x 24Volts Gel Battery-STBD engine
220v AC generation Onan 17kVA / 17kW. / 0.8 PF./1 Ph./50 Hz.
battery management 2x1 Gen, 225 A/H x 24V Gel Battery
  4x170 A/H x 24V - emergency Battery
power outlets Outlet 230VAC
  W/H- 6 X 2 Gang Socket Outlet (Flush Type)
  Crew Accom - 4 X  2 Gang Socket Outlet (Flush Type)
  Gully/Mess - 7 x 2 Gang Socket outlet (Flush Type)
  Capt. Cabin - 2 x 2 Gang Socket outlet (Flush Type)
  Engine room - 4 x 2 Gang Socket outlet (Surface Type) 
  Tank Room - 2 x 2 Gang Socket Outlet (Flush Type)
Navigational lights Navigation light control panel 24 VDC - 1 No. 
  Port Light 24 v/25w - 1 No. 
  STBD Light 24 v/25w - 1 No. 
  Masthead Light 24 v/25w - 1 No. 
  Anchor Light 24 v/25w - 1 No. 
  Upper N.U.C.  Light 24 v/25w - 1 No. 
  Lower N.U.C.  Light 24 v/25w - 1 No. 
  Stern Light 24 v/25w - 1 No. 
Bilge pumps Main Bilge Pump - 230VAC/50 HZ/ 2.2 KW / 1 Ph./RPM 2900/ Self Priming Pump 
  Capacity: 10m³/3 hour @ 33 meters head = 1 No. 
  Submersible Emer - 24V/ 3700 GPH/- 5 Nos.
  Bilge Pump (Rule)
Main DB Board  
  Change-One Switch for AC & DC with shore power, 230vac - 24vdc system.
  DB's for AC Breakers
  DB's for DC Breakers
  Main Terminal Blocks (Central connections)
Electronics general  
Navigations & Communications & Electronica Equipments Supply of Simrad 4G Radar,  GPS, chart plotter, map, echo sounder bronze thru hull transducer, 36nm range and 12 inches colour LCD display = 1 unit
  NSS 12 Display - 1 No.
  NSE 8 Display  - 3 No.
  AIS NAIS 400  - 1 No.
  Autopilot (AP28) - 1No.
  Autopilot indicator (IS20) - 1No.
  VHF Radio (RS82) - 1 No.
  VHF Radio (RS10) - 1 No.
  MF/HF Samyung SRG-3150DN, MF/HF DSC Radio Equipment - 1 No.
  Supply of RITCHIE magnetic compass Vertical View- 1 No.
  MRC Marine 12 stations Intercom systems, Supply of 5 stations with sound proof head set, Audibles & visual device, complete set. - 1 No.
  Supply os standard loud hailer system with two horn speakers, complete set. - 1 No.
  Supply of Stainless steel trumpet horn - 24V
  Supply of walkie talkie HX-380 with battery charger, complete set. - 1 No.
  Supply of EPIRB Make: SRC Korea Model: CEP 100, complete set. - 1 No.
  Supply of SART Make: SRC Korea Model: CRT 100, complete set. - 1 No.
Main Engine & Generator Main Engine ( MAN) x 2
Instruments Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge 
  Engine Oil Pressure Gauge
  Gearbox Oil Pressure Gauge
  Gearbox Oil Temperature Gauge
  Engine RPM Tachometer Gauge X2
  Fresh water tank gauge x 1 (175 Litres)
  Port & Stbd. Main Fuel Tank gauges x 2 (2500 Litres Per Tank)
  Diesel Day tank gauge x 1  (Appox. 250 Litres)
  Black/Sewage water tank gauge x 1 (175 Litres)
  Schneider Electric M/E Alarm System (Magelis)
  ONAN Genset, Buit-in Alarm System
Console Instrument Bilge Alarm & Switches
  AC & Blower Push Button Controller
  Navigation Light control alarm
  Search light Control x 2
  24vdc Wiper & Washers with switches x 3
  8 x 24vdc x 50watts, Flood Lights with 4 x switches, 
  Gen Remote start - stop control, 24vdc
Services General  
Aircon 1600 BTU Self Contain A/C (EBASCO) x2 units
Refrigeration  Fridge 10 cubic meter, 230vac/50h+B118Z.
Fresh water system F/W Pump type- PM 50/volts-230VAC/H2-50/2800rpm/0.37 kw/0.5 Hp/1/min.H-34-10m
  Wash Basin Taps
  Deck washing Hose with nozzle
  Hot & cold water maker, 20vac/50hz.
  S/S basic and pressurised shower/faucet in heads.
Toilet Deluxe Flush Electric toilets 24vdc
  Toilet Basin-Ceramic
  Kitchen Prep Bowl - Stainless Steel
  Exhaust Fan for toilet & shower, 24vdc - 1 No. 
  Cooking hob two hotplate electrical 230VAC
  Microwave 230vac/50hz. - 1 No
  Plasma TV 16 Inch. 230vac - 1 No
  DVD Player, 230vac, 50hz.- 1 No
Ship systems general  
Fendering 140mm SVA/PU 'D' section
Handrails 32mm Ψ Aluminium 
Bollards 4 x 101mm Ψ Aluminium V "style" mooring cheats
  2 x 101mm Ψ Aluminium V "style" Towing bollards (5 ton pull)
  1 x Aluminium Samson Posts
Anchors and cable Anchor Winch
  Make - Max well
  Model - RC 12 vertical rope/chain windlass
  power suppy-24 volts
  Rope - Nylo 20mm DIA - 40 mtrs
  Chain - Galvanized - 5 mtrs.
  Anchor 40 Kg
  Footswitch control - 1 set
Coating Epoxy paint coating system to clients colour spec
Insulation Thermal sound proof insulation in engine room - A60
  Thermal insulation in wheelhouse - crew cabin, Gully + tankroom
Windscreen wipers 3 x marine windscreen wipers, with window washer
Panneling Wheelhouse Honey comb 10mm
  Tankroom Honey comb 10mm
  Crew cabin Honey comb 10mm
  Gally Honey comb 10mm
Seating 2x Recaro Helm seat
  4x Recaro Crew Seat
  Gally Seating for 5x crew members
Safety general  
Life Raft 1x 12 MAN solas
  Inflatable life craft, capacity: 12 persons, solas/ships wheel med apprd by Germancher Llyods. Make (youlong", China. Notes: Above life rafts is complete with: Solas emergency pack "A" All standard Equipment pack in GRP Barrel containers certificate valid for i year.- 1 No.
  Fire extinguisher dry chemical stored pressure type, 6 kg. Capacity, solas/Ships wheel (Med 96) CE approved by "LLYODS" make eversafe, Malaysia - 1 No.
  Fire extinguisher AFFF (Foam Type) stored pressure tyoe, 9 ltr, capacity solas/Ships wheel (Med 96) CE approved by "LLYODS" make eversafe, Malaysia - 1 No.
  Fire extinguisher Carbon dioxide (CO2) capacity: 6.8 kgs. solas/Ships wheel (Med 96) CE approved by "LLYODS" make eversafe, Malaysia - 1 No
  Lifebouy Ring C/W Retroreflective tape, CCS approved, Size: 30: DIA, 4 kgs, color: Orange, Make: China - 1 No.
  Tyco UK
Fire system Stat-X panel control 230vac-24vdc power supply (Engine Room, Fire Extignuishing System) Aerosol
  Deck fire fighting 20mm fire hose
  Fire Detection System 4 Zones, 24vdc, 24vdc 
  Smoke Detectors, 24vdc
  Heat Detectors, 24vdc
  Manual call point. (breakglass)
  Audio alarm and flashing light, 24vdc



New 16 meter fast Patrol-(Anti-Piracy CFAV)


Assigned to the Anti-Piracy and Armed Vessel Escort Teams

Detailed Production Schedule.

Design intends to dedicate a 4 to 6 month period to finalize the engineering and design details of the
Vessel prior to the start of construction. Once construction begins it is anticipated that the vessel will be
Completed in approximately 8 months.

Delivery 8 Months after Start of Construction




40-50 knots, Anti-Piracy Combat fighting attack, Armed Escort vessel "Hummingbird" (Anti-Piracy CFAV)

Assigned to the Anti-Piracy and Armed Vessel Escort Teams

The main idea of the pilot-deck maintenance, I.e. Constantly attacking combat ship based on the deck of the vessel Protected

Sneak support and availability by reducing the cost of service for maintenance
Escort company assumes no fuel costs, limited crew and four pilots communications officer in the command module to the protected vessel
Warship one or more weapons with different power disguised rescue ship
A combat deployment - less than one minute
Max Range: no limited
No rick and no limitation at bad weather or storm conditions
The high degree of ballistic protection and security officers at the expense of a high degree of armor protection
The crew is in combat modules below deck
Six watertight compartments flooding
Sector of fire 360 degrees, it does not need the maneuvering ship combat module instantly rotated shooting
Protection against low-flying combat aircraft and helicopters
The presence of an external backup control station
High speed of 40-50 knots
Equipment of very high
Aggressive awesome appearance in combination with warning shots to stop the attackers without victims
Repairable, the replacement Armor module
Two 30mm guns, one with armor-piercing shell, and the other with explosive fragmentation projectile

Most of the companies providing the safety of ships and cargo as a primary service offering armed escort boats. However, the effectiveness of such a service on a global scale is not very effective because of the high cost of the service itself.
My suggestion - a significant cost reduction and increased efficiency escort to encompass a much larger number of clients
2. Battle boat disguised as a lifeboat. There are two advantages, the first is almost immediate reduction of boats and weapons in the firing position and the second - the pirates do not know whether there is such a boat in a ship that is preparing an attack
3. Visibility and an aggressive look awesome ship. Propaganda and advertising are awesome and this preventive measure the company about the dangers of smoking or alcohol
4. I'm developing a series of vessels of different dimensions and hence different costs and different power weapons
5. I ensure the safety of the crew due to the lack of bookings and Deck house
5. I provide reduced number of crew members, and thus reducing costs and the cost of services
7. As a result, increase efficiency, market and mass character escort services

Reduced cost of services by
1. Great fuel economy
2. Reduce the number, cost, salary of crew members
3. Reduced the number of crew shore team
4. Reduce the cost of preventive maintenance and repairs boats
Almost constantly the combat boat based at on the deck of the parent protected vessel without movement
As Fast Patrol Boats will perform the following multi mission and Rules:

• Coast guard duties.
• Monitoring of territorial and economic waters.
• Preventing illegal fishing activities.
• Search and rescue missions.
• Deterring and preventing illegal immigration.
• Escort duties.
• Counter piracy.


• Hull and Deck plan modified to the Buyer requests

Hull and Deck equipments description based on the Hull and Deck plan and options selected by the Buyer.

Bullet proof options should discussed.

• The design should be according to the following conditions:

• calm water 41 knots fully load speed.

• Range calm water 300nm.

• The fuel tank should also have spare capacity of 20%.

• Water tank should have a capacity of 150gall/570 liters.

Construction Material:
Hull & superstructure of the boat should be made of the following materials:

• hull will be built in aluminium, superstructure and radar arch will be built in aluminium.
Materials are referred to in these specifications without further identification, they shall conform to the following material specifications as applicable. Special materials for unique
Applications are defined in the specific sections of the specifications or on the drawings that require their use.
Drawn tube
Alloy 6061-T6 (above main deck only)
Plate and sheet
Alloy 5059, 5083, 5086, 5383 or equivalent
Alloy 5059, 5083, 5086, 5383 or equivalent
The material properties for Aluminum alloy shall be in accordance with the
• requirements specified in the ABS 2008 Rules for Materials and Welding.
• Construction processes should be carried out in compliance with the International Standard and all construction processes, equipments and materials shall be under the supervision of International Rating Company.

• Main Engines: Two Marine diesel engines

(the propulsion diesel engines shall be MAN V12-1550 CRM, 1550 BHP, (or equal high quality type)).

• Two Ultrajet model 575 Waterjets
Altered surface drives-object to discuss


The vessel's electric power for craft services shall be 24 volt dc ungrounded direct current (VDC) and nominal 230 volt single phase alternating current (VAC). 12VDC power will be provided for console electronic equipment via a converter.
The 24VDC power is provided from battery banks located in the forward section of the engine room and in the auxiliary room; these battery banks are continuously charged by the engine driven alternators when the main engines are operational and by the sine wave inverter when on shore power.
The 230VAC 1-phase power is provided by a 7kW 50Hz Cummins Onan diesel generator model number MDKBL with sound shield. 230VAC 1-phase 50Hz power is also provided by a sine wave inverter for all loads other than the electric range located in the galley.
The generator exhaust system will be configured with a water lift silencer to meet the acoustic
targets stated herein. The exhaust gas from the generator will exit the hull in the boot top. The generator sea water will be supplied via a sea inlet and boost pump, and will be exhausted via the water lift silencer.
The generator fuel system will be supplied to suit the manufacturer’s instructions. Fuel lines will be mounted in vibration isolating clamps.

Machinery control:

• All necessary engine control tools or equipments must be led to the helm position in the wheelhouse, fly bridge and machinery space.

Operating conditions:

The vessel must be designed for patrolling in rough sea states and bad weather conditions at the Med Sea, and the Atlantic shore water. The vessel should be able to endure the following conditions:

• Air temp: 45 °C

• Humidity: 90%

• Sea water temp: 28 – 32 °C Max.

SEA State Endurance:

• The vessel shall be capable of achieving tasks at sea state number 6.

• The vessel shall be capable of staying in the sea for the period of 5 days.

• The vessel shall be capable of enduring the waves at sea that could reach 6ft (1,80 in height.

• The vessel shall be capable of maneuvering at sea when the wind is no less than 7 Beaufort


The vessel will comply with US Coast Guard requirements for a vessel of this type and size. Additionally, the boat is being developed for a European OWNER, and thus must be suitable for European export and must comply with standards set by the RCD regarding ISO rules for
small craft. Where the CE requirements are silent, additional vessel design requirements of the ABYC shall be considered.

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) -- Where reference to ABS is made in this specification, it shall mean to be taken as the Rules for Building and Classing High Speed Craft, unless noted otherwise.

The vessel will be registered under the flag as designated by the OWNER, and accordingly, the construction shall be carried out and completed in such a manner that the vessel will comply with the laws, rules, regulations and enactments published and in force in the said country of the flag on the date of the execution hereof.

Air conditioning:

Air conditioning for the lower deck interior spaces is to be provided by a 18k BTU Marine Air direct expansion system, VC*18K/1-HV. The system is to cool the entire cabin level, including the head compartment through a ventilation discharge and return system. A temperature control system is to be provided in the forward cabin with a digital display system mounted inside
• An overboard drain line for condensation is required, and must be equipped with a check valve to prevent backflow of seawater. Raw water for cooling is to be provided from the auxiliary seawater pump located in the engine room, and will be discharged through the hull sides below the waterline. Electrical power is to be provided by the generator or shore power. The air conditioning unit shall be connected to the fire control system and shut down in the event of a fire.

Kitchen equipment that can endure hard usage:

• Refrigerator

• Oven

• Electrical microwave

Fire fighting system:

• Fire fighting system with carbon dioxide for engines cabin.

• Portable extinguishers of dioxide for engines cabin.

• Foam extinguishers.

• Fire alarm system.

• Water pumps with nozzles for fire fighting.

• Damage control equipment.
(Fire fighting and damage control systems should be according to the international classifications)

Safety equipment:

• 2 safety inflatable life rafts each of 10 personnel capacity, SOLAS approved.

• 20 SOLAS life jackets.

Steering system:

• Dual mode (Auto pilot, Full follow‐up)

• Hydraulic system

• Manual backup system

Deployable 4m RHIB (According to the International Specifications of Zodiac):

• RHIB capable of carrying min of 2 crew and 5 passengers.

• Suitable crane/ davit, either hydraulic/ electric capable of launching RHIB in sea state 5‐6, Load of 1.5 ton with manual backup system.


o Powered by marine outboard engine capable of 50 horses

o Hydraulic driving system and a manual backup system

o Fuel tanks

Communication and safety system:

• The boat should be equipped with communication system according to the standard of International Maritime Organization (IMO) including communication devices system type (GMDSS)

• Electrical feeding for the communication equipment must be from the main battery power of the boat 12V.

• Radio Equipment. H/F 1 set

• VHF very high frequency 2 sets

• UHF ultra high frequency (with airplane, helicopter) 1 set

• Portable radio equipment VHF 2 sets, Waterproof

• Radio equipment Global Marine Distress and Safety Systems (GMDSS) 2 sets

Internal Communication Network:

• Internal communication network capable of handling the various communication activities including PA from four terminals, one in the wheelhouse, one in the Commander’s cabin, one in the fly bridge console and one in the living room.

• Loudspeaker 1 set

Navigation equipment:

• Coded AIS

• Magnetic Compass

• Navigator light, revealing lights

• Wind measurement equipment (Anemometer)

• Horn

• Navigation radar (furuno type) distance 36 – 48 NM minimum screen 17” colored

• Gyro compass

• Gyro repeater

• Global Positioning System (GPS) with Electronic Map

• Speed counter (speed log)

• Depth equipment (Echo sounder) colored with plotter

• Night/ Day vision binocular/ light

• Navtex

• Navigation lights




Vessel type:

Anti-Piracy Combat fighting attack, Armed Escort/Patrol vessel


Pavel Shaposhnikov


PS Design




Anti-Piracy and Armed Escort/Patrol Vessel

Year constructed:


Fuel type:


Drive type:

Water jet

Length over all:


Hull material:




• Main Engines: Two Marine diesel engines

(the propulsion diesel engines shall be MAN V12-1550 CRM, 1550 BHP, (or equal high quality type)).

• Two Ultrajet model 575 Waterjets
Altered surface drives-object to discuss



Specification and photos are not contractual and are subject to verification upon inspection










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